Elliott Arcile Reed

Elliott Arcile Reed
6 lbs 8 oz 19 3/4 inches

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Passed!

June 3, 2008- 28 weeks 3 days

This morning I had my glucose tolerance test. This is to test for gestational diabetes. It requires fasting for 8 hours before the test and me being so smart and trying to save gas decided that I would just do it this morning after work (bad idea). I had no idea how hungry and thirsty I would get not eating or drinking anything after midnight considering that I usually eat at 2am and drink way more caffeine that I should. By 8 am when I had to drink my 50 grams of glucose I was practically starving. My appointment wasn't until 9 am so I waited in the waiting room for that hour between the time I got off work and the appointment. Sitting there I could start feeling myself getting nauseated and our little girl started to get worked up. I guess the sugar hit her little system pretty hard because she was moving around so much, which made me feel even more nauseated.

At theses regular scheduled appointments I get my weight, blood pressure and the babies heart rate taken. All which were fine, no signs of pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure). My blood draw was a little difficult, hence I was a little dehydrated, but in the end they got it after I told them where my best vein was. Like always I visited with Dr. Feuerbacher about what was going on, when my appointments were and how we had been getting along. He is always concerned not only about me medically but Brian and I emotionally, which is a really supportive. He had a Med student with him so we talked a little bit more about it, but thankfully Dr. F. had already briefed him on me and the baby. I was worried that we just started talking about everything and were leaving him out (oops!), but that wasn't the case.

Baby Girl Reed was extremely active hence she was on a sugar high and it took longer than usual to find her heart rate which was fine 145- I think. Dr. F. also took my measurement, right on track at 28 sonometers, wheew- it seems like my belly is getting really big. By this time It was about 9:45 and I was getting pretty tired and hungry so I told everyone that I had better get going, scheduled my next appointment (in 2 weeks) and went and got some Mc Donald's. I told my nurse not to call with the test results since I was going home to sleep and that I would just check the results at work that night.

June 4th/5th- I almost forgot to check my test results since work was so crazy last night. I feel like I ran a marathon this afternoon. Either way around 3 am I logged on and I PASSED! My glucose was 85 (really good!) as long as it is below 140, that indicated normal pancreas function. I also had a hemoglobin and hematocrit drawn to check for anemia. Both were slightly low, but probably not much to be concerned about. Maybe I will have a nice juicy steak for supper to help boost my numbers.

Wow that seems like a lot for a routine 1 hour check-up but it has been a while since I posted. Brian has been staying busy with the roads and softball games. His team won on Tuesday against their rivals so that was nice. Unfortunately I haven't been to too many games, but I guess they can win without me there (darn I was sure I was their good luck charm). I have pseudo been studying for my NCLEX which I am taking at the end of June since that was the first available time. I really need to get motivated to buckle down and study some more.

Okay I will stop babbling- Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers especially from our communities I recently found out that we are on several prayer lists which can hurt. Keep the support coming. Soon everyone will be able to show their support, I ordered CDH Awareness wristbands to support our growing baby girl. When they get in Brian and I will be passing them out for our friends and family to wear. I will keep everyone posted on their arrival since I am super excited about it, but then again Brian says I am a nerd- oh well. Next KC appointment is in 2 weeks, so unless anything "exciting" happens I will plan on updating then.

Keeping all other CDH families in my thoughts and prayers. These little miracles are really one way that God shows us that the very best things in life are worth waiting and working for. I can't wait to meet our baby girl. Thanks again for the posts, thoughts, prayers, and cards. The support is overwhelming and much appreciated!