Elliott Arcile Reed

Elliott Arcile Reed
6 lbs 8 oz 19 3/4 inches

Friday, August 15, 2008

No Baby Today

Friday August 15, 2008 ~ 38 weeks 5 days

Happy Birthday to my husband Brian! Thought a baby girl would be the best present but it doesn't look like that is going to be the case.

Yesterday my mom and sister came down to visit and get some stuff packed up. We ended up painting the bathroom in our current home to give it a little sale appeal, painted it a green color, got the paint from Walmart, didn't exactly turn out to be the color I thought, but looks good. I ended up packing up most of the living room, and scrubbed the house pretty much from top to bottom, so with any luck we might get a buyer this weekend (keeping my fingers crossed). By the time I got everything packed up and cleaned up it was pretty late and I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep, but my body had other plans. BGR was moving around most of the night and I had contractions off and on all night long, so didn't get to sleep as much as I thought, but oh well.

Went to see Dr. Golightly this morning - lost a little weight, baby's heartbeat sounded good, blood pressure was a little high, feet noticeably less swollen, dilated between 1.5-2, 50% effaced, and still soft, so slightly farther along from last week. I was hoping that I would be dilated to a 5 or 6 and we would head down to Kansas City this afternoon, but no such luck.

The game plan is still to go to St. Luke's in Kansas City on Monday morning for a probable induction, if everything looks the same if not better. I really wish that when I went down I was already into labor...any good hints for getting this baby thing going?, I am still nervous about the induction thing ( my fear of C-section!). I have got one suggestion so far, to drive on this very curvy bumpy road in the area, it worked for one of my friends.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pictures as Promised

Make an on-line slide show at www.OneTrueMedia.com

Hope this works- tried to create a slide show of the mostly before pictures of the house. I still have to post the after pictures, but it might be a while since I forgot to take any this weekend when we were up there. I might have my sister take some and e-mail them to me. There is a little sneek peek of the baby's room at the end- pink and brown- I think my favorite room

I Dropped!

Tuesday August 12, 2008 ~ 38 weeks 2 days

I noticed yesterday when I went to put on my "comfy" shorts that they were extremely tight, didn't think much of it, and then I looked in the mirror. My little lady had dropped, and I mean big time, my bra's will have to do their job now that my tummy is not doing it for them. I cannot believe how much lower my stomach got overnight. I have always been carrying high, so now I feel like I have a medicine ball sitting on my bladder/hips. I fear that I now have the dreaded pregnancy "waddle" which I have not had until now, but seriously, it pretty much hurts to walk. I guess that is what women that have boys deal with from the beginning.

Brian had a several dreams last night about the delivery and he is convinced that I am going to naturally go into labor on Friday (which is his birthday). Who knows....but I am starting to feel the signs. I am curious to know if my cervix is changing at all because I have been having contractions off and on for the last couple of days. I know some are Braxton Hicks, but some just outright hurt.

I guess that I have learned a few things from this pregnancy- 1~Buy maternity clothes~ I on the other hand did not and now have nothing to wear after I give birth. I thought since I would either be at work ( in scrubs) or bumming around the house, I could just use Brian's wardrobe as my own and not have to buy anything and save a ton of money. Not the case, I cannot wonder around Children's Mercy in Brian's huge athletic shorts and stained up work shirts. I ventured to JC Penny today in an attempt to buy at least some pants...well since the little lady dropped yesterday, I am pretty sure my waist is about the size of a compact car. I did buy a few pairs of pants, not knowing if they will fit soon after I deliver, they fit in the butt and hips, but were pretty far from buttoning, I guess I will use the old hair-tie trick around the button for a while if I need to. So this is a warning, if I look like I just got done working out, I didn't, I just didn't buy maternity clothes when I should have. 2~ Flip-Flops are deceiving ~ They are so comfortable when you are not pregnant, and when your feet are all swollen up like you are wearing slippers, you would assume that the airiness of flip-flops will be like heaven on your feet, well that is not the case. I have repeatedly made the mistake of wearing flip-flops while working on the house, going shopping, or any other time that my feet required "shoes" and every time that I take them off, I still have the indention of where the straps were because the swelling pretty much engulfs them. You would think I would learn, but no, I continue to wear them. Next pregnancy I hope it is in the winter and then I won't be able to.

To all my fellow St. Francis Ladies- I will be back. Not for good, but I am going to work a few shifts a pay period after my 6 weeks of maternity leave so I can rub it in on how cute my little girl is, oh yeah and to see you all too!

We'll keep you posted if there is anything exciting going on before Monday, Brian said that he is even going to try this blog thing out on that first night, so it will be interesting to hear some news from his prospective. Thanks for all the continued support, it's amazing!