Elliott Arcile Reed

Elliott Arcile Reed
6 lbs 8 oz 19 3/4 inches

Thursday, October 9, 2008

CDH News

Here is the Pumpkin that I made for our little Elli in honor of the Pumpkin Run/Walk this weekend. I put it up at her grave site. Not too bad for a Sharpie!

Hey all it has been a little while since I updated: Please keep Brad, Kellie and baby Carter in your thoughts and prayers as he is really battling since he was born a couple days ago. Also Ava who had a reherniation needs lots of prayers also as she is extubated but still very much fighting for her life. I hate CDH. In other news, I was at my sister's pre-school today visiting some of the kiddos and one of her preschoolers cousins was there to visit. She was 8 years old and a CDH survivor...What a small world. She had her repair surgery, a reherniation surgery and most recently a spine surgery for her scoliosis. Even her aunt whom she was staying with didn't even know what her birth defect was called. Man we really need to get the word out about CDH

There is a yearly memorial walk in Kansas City called The Pumpkin Run/Walk. Brian's cousin Jenny is going to be there to hand out CDH Awareness wristbands and information on CDH. I really wish that I could be there too, but I am in my best friend's wedding, and it is going to take me all day to get beautiful. We hope to raise even more awareness by everyone being able to visit Elli's blogsite and then visiting others from there. If anyone in the KC area is interested, stop by and show CDH support.
Hope all is well with everyone. Oh yah, I thought that it would be cool to know how much gas is around the country. So anyone that reads this post, add a comment on where you live and how much gas is in your area, because I think we might have about the cheapest. It was 2.69 in Treynor Iowa today...must be because of the election coming up. Yep I am officially a dork and I need to get back to work so I have something constructive to do with my time instead of wondering about gas prices in other parts of the country.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Just a Quickie

Hey all still no internet but I thought I would post a quick update from my blackberry, so it will be short and sweet. Things are still going well, I don't officially start in the ICU intil the 20th, but have to do computer training and all that jazz before I can start working. Still trying to get all unpacked and start decorarating, but of course I want so much new stuff so its getting expensive,I feel like I go shopping everyday. This is pretty dangerous considering we are inbetween jopbs and we finally both get paid on friday...thank goodness I had to blow on my credit card today at Target because it was smoking from overusage. Brian is really liking the farming business, he even got yesterday afternoon off so he could get our maikbox put up,so now we can get mail...yeah! This weekend is my best friends wedding that I am in. Drum roll please...the dress fits perfectly! She ordered my pre-pregnancy size,I think as a modivator for me to lose all my baby weight. Still don't have any shoes but hey,I will just go shopping again this week. Several people asked for our new address so here it is: 36498 Brothers Ave
Henderson, Ia 51541

On a side note I got Brian a new blackberry too and he is so funny, he is downloading old rap ringtones for all his friends...he is playing them for me while I type this post.
Please all keep Ava Helmeck and baby John in ypur thoughts and prayers. Ava had surgery in iowa and babyJohn is a new CDH baby - he is at www.carepages.com.if anyone wants to check out how he is doing, so far things are looking good.

Hey Sweetie-
It was raining here today, I can't believe how much it made me miss you. It hasn't rained here since the morning of your funeral (or at least I don't think so). The nights have been so long without you here to give me a reason to be awake at all hours of the morning. Daddy even woke up oin the night to find mommy crying, but I don't even remember it, I must have been dreaming. I mainly dream of what might have been. I am having such a tough time with all of this Elli. I don't know if I believe everything happens for a reason, there is not one reason for you to not be lying in my arms right now. I know there is no answer so I should stop searching for one, but I can't seem to get it out of my head that I need to find some justification on why this had to happen to you my little sweet. Daddy sends his love and kisses, we know that you hear us everyday, just wish we could have heard your little voice. Sometimes I wake up in the night and swear that I can hear you calling for me, I hold my breath to listen better, but all I hear is the roar of silence in the house. Elliott sweetie, I love to dream about you, you are perfect and healthy in my dreams. I look forward to watching you grow and thrive in my dreams for years to come. I think of what you would be doing if you were still here with me, you would be smiling and no doubtedly laughing at your daddy's silly face and crazy anticts. Well pretty girl I could talk to you for hours on end. Breathe easy baby girl. We will miss you forever...love mommy and daddy