Elliott Arcile Reed

Elliott Arcile Reed
6 lbs 8 oz 19 3/4 inches

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An addict in need of a "Fix"

Wow, I feel like it has been forever since I updated/checked out all my other CDH babies. I realized that I am addicted to blogging. A lot has been going on since the last post so I will try to keep this update as organized and short as possible.
First off, we are in our new house. I didn't know if it was really going to happen since I procrastinated so much. When our families arrived, they just threw all of our junk into boxes and I got the pleasure to sort through them later, not really knowing what was in any of the boxes. There were so many little "projects" to finish up when we finally got moved up. Putting in the appliances, putting up shelves, building the dog pen, putting up our Direct TV, and on and on.
The pets are finally getting adjusted. Trigger took the move the hardest, he was moping around until yesterday, now I think he finally realizes that we are not going to leave him behind. Gabby acts like nothing is new, and neither does Molly, so that is a relief.
I have most everything unpacked. I did decide that since our house is not huge, but bigger than our old house I had no choice but to use Elli's pink and brown room. We put a daybed that I had from college in it, along with my scrapbooking supplies and table. It was so hard opening the door and seeing the crib that my parents had set up for us, but we just took it down and are going to store it for now. It still seems so weird that I walk by the door and there is no baby stuff in her room. I sat in her room for a while this morning and just cried, not knowing what to do. The house seems so empty without her there. On Sunday night, Brian and I finally got a chance to think, and that didn't go so well. It was so overwhelming, we let out a good cry and talked about Elli for about 2 hours before we finally fell to sleep from exhaustion.
About my interview, it was yesterday and it was so long, almost 3 hours. The interview went well I think, only cried once...yeah she asked me about my current employment status which led to a quick discussion about Elli. Anyways she said that she would let me know in a couple of days. Well not 20 minutes later she called back and offered me the job. I told her that I had to think about it and discuss it with my husband (so I didn't sound too eager). Either way I called back and accepted the job this morning. It is an ICU position and Jenny Edmunsen in Council Bluffs (30 minute drive from our house), and I start orientation on Monday. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am so worried that I am going to get "flash backs" of some sort because of the hours spent at CMH. I sometimes still wake up in the night to the sound of the monitors going off and it makes me sick.
Well tomorrow I have my last day at St. Francis, it is going to be so sad. I am going to miss all of my girls there, hopefully the nurses will be that awesome at my new job.
Sweet Elli~ It has been such a crazy past couple of days, and it has been making me miss you even more. Daddy started his new job, so he has been working long days as a farmer. You would have loved riding in the tractor with him, and it would have been the cutest thing to see. When I see him driving around, I just imagine you sitting in the little seat next to him yacking his ear off and him sharing all his snacks with you just like your grandpa did with me. We went and visited your grave, I thought it would be a place that I would love to go, but it made me so sad. I cant believe that your tiny body is lying just below my feet. I wanted get a shovel out of daddy's truck and just start digging. I would give anything in the world to hold you in my arms again. I guess you being so close but being unable to touch you about made me crazy. The new house is so quiet without your voice there to fill it up, and that makes mommy so sad. Every time I walk past your room door, I stop and look inside just to double check to make sure you aren't there. This is so much harder than I imagined. Daddy and I had thought that we had prepared ourselves if you didn't make it, but we were so wrong. There is a gigantic void in my heart that I know will never be filled. My body literally aches for you to be in my arms and it is confused on why you are not there. Darn that mommy instinct, I wish I could just shut it off for a while. It is like I am constantly searching for you, and you are not there. Oh yah, Elli you got a new baby cousin yesterday, Ella Elizabeth, she is so much bigger than you were. Mommy couldn't hold her, I knew I would have had a break down thinking of you and wishing it was you in my arms. I still cant believe that I only held you for those few hours. I know that my arms were made to hold you, you were the perfect size to fit into my arms. I just know that we were supposed to be together, and no we are not. Well sweet baby, I had better wrap it up for I am getting so sad and mad at the same time. I miss you more everyday. Daddy sends his love like always. Breathe Easy~ Love you Mommy