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Elliott Arcile Reed
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

CDH News

Here is the Pumpkin that I made for our little Elli in honor of the Pumpkin Run/Walk this weekend. I put it up at her grave site. Not too bad for a Sharpie!

Hey all it has been a little while since I updated: Please keep Brad, Kellie and baby Carter in your thoughts and prayers as he is really battling since he was born a couple days ago. Also Ava who had a reherniation needs lots of prayers also as she is extubated but still very much fighting for her life. I hate CDH. In other news, I was at my sister's pre-school today visiting some of the kiddos and one of her preschoolers cousins was there to visit. She was 8 years old and a CDH survivor...What a small world. She had her repair surgery, a reherniation surgery and most recently a spine surgery for her scoliosis. Even her aunt whom she was staying with didn't even know what her birth defect was called. Man we really need to get the word out about CDH

There is a yearly memorial walk in Kansas City called The Pumpkin Run/Walk. Brian's cousin Jenny is going to be there to hand out CDH Awareness wristbands and information on CDH. I really wish that I could be there too, but I am in my best friend's wedding, and it is going to take me all day to get beautiful. We hope to raise even more awareness by everyone being able to visit Elli's blogsite and then visiting others from there. If anyone in the KC area is interested, stop by and show CDH support.
Hope all is well with everyone. Oh yah, I thought that it would be cool to know how much gas is around the country. So anyone that reads this post, add a comment on where you live and how much gas is in your area, because I think we might have about the cheapest. It was 2.69 in Treynor Iowa today...must be because of the election coming up. Yep I am officially a dork and I need to get back to work so I have something constructive to do with my time instead of wondering about gas prices in other parts of the country.


Liz Rich said...

I tinkered with a picture of Brian and Elli--I'd like to email it to you if you'd like. It is one of my favorite pictures. Just email me if you want it and I'll send it to you. You and Brian are in my thoughts and prayers.
Mom to Par (LCDH 11/1/07)

cbgricci said...

Hi Cassi,
Still wearing our bracelet's over at the Ricci house. I still have people ask what the bracelet is for. When I tell them what CDH is, they have never heard of it, so I tell them the courageous story of Miss Elli! We can't make it to KC, but if there is anything in Omaha, let us know and we will walk for miles for all the children with CDH. Oh, and you got us beat for gas. It is $2.99 here. Have a good time at the wedding. You will look beautiful! Tell Brian hi!

Take Care,
Brandi Ricci

My Three Sons said...

Hey Cassi, You sound really good. I'm so glad. As for the wedding, your beautiful now so don't worry about that to much. I'm actually from KC area, did I miss the date on the walk/run? If I'm in town I would love to attend.
Carson is having some surgery coming up at CMH and what I wouldn't do for you to be his nurse. I'm a little nervous so I hope I get a wonderful team to pull me through.

Anyways, I actually live in Lee's Summit and gas is 2.78. I have a Yukon and for the first time in forever it isn't even $80.00 to fill it up. I'm pretty happy about that.

Anyways, have fun at your wedding and keep it up (one day at a time).


Kevin and Kathy Melcher said...

Hey Cassi,
That Pumpkin Run/Walk isn't the Jared Coones Pumpkin Run/Walk in Olathe is it? I am going to be going to that run this Saturday with my family. If it is that run I will certainly check out the CDH booth and say "hi". Glad to hear things are going as well as possible for you guys.

Kevin and Kathy Melcher said...

Ok, I am a dork. I just checked out the link on your website for the run and it is the Jared Coones run, so I will keep an eye out for the CDH info and stop by. What a small world. I hope there are some people at the run who have heard of CDH because Walgreens (where I work) is a sponsor of the run, so there should be people who know about CDH through Kinley.

Liz and Shane Nelson said...

I wish I was close by so I could go to the Pumpkin/Run Walk. Thinking of you. BTW, we live in the SF bay area in California and gas here is a whopping 3.79

Grandma Reed said...

I am praying for Ava and baby Carter and their families. I am also crying for them. I too hate CDH and the way it makes me feel.
God help us cope and to be stong.
Have a good time this weekend. You are a beautiful woman! Oh, were you talking about looks? You are that too!!
Gas is $2.88 in Maryville.
I love you all 3.

4Dailys said...

Cassi--super jealous of Treynor's gas prices -- I think I'll drive up and fill up just to take advantage!! It's right around $3.25 per gallon here in suburban Dallas, but it was on our news that it was $2.95 at one place in Fort Worth this week.

p.s. I was just thinking about Grandma Rieka's painted pumpkins. She'd be proud of your work.

familyofpikes said...

You do not know me but I have been following your blog for quite some time now. I am baby Jack's aunt. I agree I hate CDH as well. I love the pumpkin you made for Elli. I hope you have fun this weekend. By the way gas is $3.19 a gallon in Manchester NH.

kmm0305 said...

Love, love, love Elli's pumpkin! :)

You are doing a great job getting the word out about CDH. I told Jes to let me know what we needed to do to start a Parker Reese Foundation chapter in Iowa. I will be over in Cedar Rapids this weekend and hope to get down to Iowa City to visit Ava's mom, Terri. We've never met before. We are also following Carter's story.

I didn't see a gas station yesterday, last I saw in Ames it was $2.94 but know it is lower than that. My hubby said it was $2.83 in Des Moines and my mom called me yesterday afternoon and said it was $2.78 up near Mason City. Hubby mentioned it was due to the election as well.

Have a great weekend! I'm sure you will look stunning in the wedding! :)


Anonymous said...

Gas is 3.69 here. :( I remember when I first started driving some umpteen years ago it was only
.96! I miss those days!

Anyway, I love the pumpkin! Can we steal the idea and do one for Parker? You are so creative girl!

Y'all are always in our thoughts and prayers!


proudmom said...

Cassi, Brian, and Angel Elli:
The pumpkin is great. I know Elli is looking at it and smiling.

I wish I could be in KC this weekend to support the walk, and CDH. I had never personally been affected by CDH, nor did I know what it was prior to learning about your family's journey. Since following your blog and keeping you all in my heart, it has now become personal. I think of all 3 of you everyday, and also follow some of the other CDH babies/kids blog. I hate CDH but I'm thankful you all are bringing awareness to this defect.
Thank you for continuing to post, and thank you for sharing your precious Elli with us. She is an inspiration to us all.

God bless all the CDH babies.

JLew14 said...

B and Cassi,

Sorry to hear that we won't get a chance to see you two when you're in our neighborhood... but alla you three will be in our thoughts and prayers. We're gonna take the wristbands and info tonight.

We love you so very much and I think the pumpkin is fabulous!

-Justin and Jenny

Kyle, Aimee and Ava said...

Cassi, I love the pumpkin! I can say that I didn't know anything about CDH, in fact, I didn't even know it existed until I started blogging! I agree that people need to be more educated about it...

I live in a small rural town Mount Pleasant, UT. The gas right now at the local Sinclair is a whopping $3.72 per gallon!

Lillian'sheart said...

I'm so glad you keep posting, even though they make me cry!! I too did not know what CDH was until I read your blog, and you are doing an amazing job getting the word out.

Gas in Maryville was $2.85 this morning!

Laura and Lillian

Fer said...

Cassi, beautiful pumpkin! :)

shana said...
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shana said...
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Lillian'sheart said...

I don't know how we never met. I live next door to dale and darlene florea. I worked at walmart with Amie Florea. I used to party with Nathan reed. Brandon went to school with nathan and amie and all of them, and has probably met Brian but I asked him and he says he doesn't remember.

By the way... gas in Maryville is 2.66 now ;)

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

I hope you have a great time at the wedding!!! Love the pumpkin.

Where did you order your CDH awareness bracelets??? Just curious. Do you know if they come in different sizes???

As for the gas. Our gas here in our hometown in KS is still right around $2.80. We were in Branson, MO and I think the cheapest we saw was $2.73. I think you are winning.

Chrissy said...

Laughing hard at the dork comment, I think it's hereditary! Gas in Omaha (Bucky's at 132nd & Center) was $2.73 this afternoon. I didn't notice in CB.

Have a great time at the wedding. You deserve some happiness & fun.


shana said...

gas in treynor is now 2.69 keep going down love shana

Cindy said...

Just wanted to know that I am still checking in on your blog and thinking about your sweet Elli.

That's funny about your credit card smoking. Think of it this way -- you are helping the economy :-) I hope you have fun decorating your new house and that you raise lots of awareness for CDH at the Pumpkin Run.

~ Cindy
mom to Claire (6/7/07 LCDH)

melissa said...

as far as gas goes here in maryville the cheapest place I've seen it was yesterday at $2.65 a gallon.
when we were in Seattle last week it was $3.95 a gallon there. glad we dont live there!
By the way the pumkin was supper cute and you were right it's not bad for a sharpie :)

Mary T said...

Cassi...precious pumpkin for Angel Elli, you did great! Sorry I won't be leaving as many messages, I'm down to one good arm/hand for awhile, I broke my left arm trying to get a snake...you might say I lost!

I enjoy reading your updates and want to let you know you, Brian and Angel Elli will ALWAYS be in my thoughts and prayers. You are all AMAZING.

May you be blessed with Angel Kisses everyday from your precious little Angel Elli.

Love you,

shana said...

hey cassie and brian whats up
everytime i go to the blog i
just wish i could be there with u
i am there for u ans alawys will be there for ever love u much love shana

Mary T said...

Hi Cassi, I forgot to give you the gas price at Pump n Munch on N. 25th in CB....$2.59, just filled up this morning. How much was it KC this weekend?

May you be blessed with Angel Kisses everyday from your precious little Angel Elli.

Love you,

SalenaZarb said...

I love the pumpkin!!! You are so crafty anyway-I wish you would come and decorate my house for me!!! I want you to know that I think of you every single day and miss you-I miss our chats back in the OB dept when we were supposed to be working!!! I missed your call the other evening-I hope that the wedding went great and I am sure that you looked amazing!!! All of my love-Salena (you and Brian are always in my prayers!!!)

shana said...

dear cassie and brian,
do u like your new house?
hows everything going.
i hope alright. i am okay i
i miss all of u all the time
i also have 2 get braces fun(not) i went and saw baby elli on sunday and i left her a little p
purple and pink pumpkin and i hope you all love it i know i felt good as i placed it with her she is so amazing and i know she was so sweet i love all of u love shana

ELLI-dear baby girl how have u been as u no i went and saw u sunday i hope u new ho i was i sure wish i got to meat u but i feel like i have none u forever well i got to go eat love u my baby girl love shana

p.s u are my best friend

Tracy Meats said...

Cassi, Elli's pumpkin is cute! The pumpkin/run walk sounds like a great event. Many prayers for you as I have been thinking of you two. By the way, gas here in Wyoming is $3.48.

Hugs to you,
Tracy Meats - mom to Ian(born with a LCDH on 4/3/04) and WY and CO State Rep. for CHERUBS

proudmom said...

Brian and Cassi
I can't believe how much I miss Elli, even though none of us have met. She was such a fighter and an inspiration even at her young age. I am so proud of her, and her mommy and daddy
I keep all of you in my prayers and think of you all many times a day.
I hope to visit Elli if I get to Treynor. I hope that is OK.
Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You are raising so much awareness just by this site.
Stay strong and take care of each other.
God Bless all the CDH babies.

My Three Sons said...

I know your probably very busy with your new job and getting your new house organized, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm still praying for you and Brian to heal. I hope all is going well and the wedding last week was a goodtime.

Take care

Mary T said...

Hi Cassi~just thought I'd check in with you to see how your training is going and to see how your interior decorating is coming along. Do you have curtains yet? ;>)) And how's Brian like being a farmer? Did he get that mailbox up OK? ;>))

How was the wedding? Hope you post a picture of you in your dress, I'm so proud of you for being able to wear your dress, I'm sure you looked awesome.

Just wanted you to know that I've been thinking about you, Brian and Angel Elli, hoping you are doing ok. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

May you be blessed with Angel Kisses everyday from your precious little Angel Elli.

Love you,

Mary T said...

Hi Cassi,

Just thought I'd let you know gas is $2.40 a gallon on North 25th St in Council Bluffs.

Hope you are doing ok. I think about you all the time, saying a prayer for you, Brian and Angel Elli. Looking forward to hearing all about yor new job and how the decorating is coming along in your new home.

May you be blessed with Angel Kisses everyday from your precious little Angel Elli.

Love you,

Mary T said...

Hey Cassi, gas is $2.32 on North 25th today!

Hope your first day on the job goes well for you.

May you be blessed with Angel Kisses everyday from your precious little Angel Elli.

Love you,

proudmom said...

Cassie I hope that your first day in the ICU went well. I'm sure Elli was with you giving you the strength and courage. I admire ALL that you do.
I see the picture of you and Brian at your wedding and the colors are the same as the CDH colors. It's as though God was giving you your Elli even then.
God Bless all the CDH babies/families.

Amanda Miland said...

Hey there Cassi and Brian! I'm working in London for another 10 days, but I have been thinking about you both a lot. I finally remembered the web address for the blogspot as I had it saved on my computers back home. My heart breaks to read your messages to Elli b/c I can't imagine what it feels like. All I can do is pray that the pain goes away and that the memory of her stays with you forever. Love you both - Amanda....