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Elliott Arcile Reed
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Friday, October 24, 2008

My Country Song

FYI he is wearing an apron from when I used to be a waitress

As of a about noon on Wednesday, our Trigger has been missing. I am royally pissed about this. He is such an awesome dog. He practically went into depression when we were in Kansas City for 3 weeks with Elli. When we finally got home, he followed us around like a "lost puppy" and seemed to realize that something was wrong and missing. He helped us through the last 6 weeks so much, and now he is gone. Brian is pretty sceptical and thinks someone may have picked him up on the highway. God I hope not. He is notorious for gallivanting around the neighborhood, but is always back in an hour or so. We have spent countless hours and gallons of gas driving around looking for him, calling his name, whistling, and honking the horn, but still no Trigger.
My mom is going to help me put flayers up around our small towns to see if anyone has seen him. We did see that another yellow lab went missing last week also, god forbid someone is picking up these dogs. Seriousley, we live out in the middle of nowhere, why should we ever have to lock up our dogs. My dad owns the entire section, and pretty much everything to the east and west of the section too, so it's not like he would be invading on someone else's property.
I feel like my life is a bad country song, I lost by dog, I lost my baby, the sun wont shine, I got no money, my house wont sell...you get the picture.
So now not only do I have to spend my days missing Elli, but now Trigger...jeez cant a girl get a break. Guess not... Well I officially start working in the ICU on Saturday, so I will let everyone know how it goes. I am so excited to be productive and get out of the house. Today is my first day off this week and I seem to be going crazy already. It has been a crappy week with the weather, and Trigger gone missing. Hopefully the sun will shine again and Trigger will come jogging up the drive way.
I am actually getting some pictures and junk hung on the walls, so that makes it feel a little more like home. Still haven't got our house in Missouri sold yet, a couple people have called on it but nothing solid yet. It would be so nice to get it sold before the winter, but who knows.
As if you don't all have enough to worry and pray about, if you want to add another person to your list, my best friend Darci's great Grandpa is in the hospital with a broken hip and he is not doing too well. I hope that he can pull through this and be out of the woods before Darci goes on her honeymoon the first week of November. All you St. Francis nurses reading this...take good care of him, as I know you all will. I miss you guys, and hope to come for a visit and a little "Girls Night" action again soon. Thanks for all the continued support, letters, texts, comments, and phone calls, you guys are my rock of support. Well I had better get back to the laundry. I know I am cool, and you are all jealous of my fabulous life of doing laundry and Swivel Sweeping my floors. By the way if you don't have a swivel sweep, get one they are the most amazing invention next to the Shark Steam Mop...yep officially a dork. Who thinks cleaning products are cool...probably no one but me....oh well.


Lillian'sheart said...

Praying you find Trigger, you don't need anything else piled on top of you right now. Thinking of you, always.

Laura, Brandon, and Lillian

Darcy said...

There is a Bonnie Raitt song that I always sing in my head when things are bad, it's called Dimming of the Day. The particular words that are just too perfect are "this old house is falling down around my ears and I am drowning in a river of my tears." Doesn't that just sum it up sometimes?
I am so sorry that your dog has gone missing. I will pray for his safe return.

Tracy Meats said...

Praying you find Trigger or he finds his way home safely.

Tracy Meats - mom to Ian(born with a LCDH on 4/3/04) and WY and CO State Rep. for CHERUBS

Liz and Shane Nelson said...

I am sad to hear about Trigger. We are praying you find him. I know that I went crazy went Twinkie went missing, so I know how you are feeling. I hope he comes home safely.
Liz and Shane

Amy AKA "Baba" said...

Come home Trigger! Have you put an ad on Craigslist. It covers into Iowa. People are really great about actually helping to find dogs if they see them listed on an ad.

I have had an e-mail to you in the works for days now...I will get it finished this weekend. I promise.

You are always on my mind.


casau said...

cassi,,, you crack me up! under so much stress but can still "be a dork"! LOL,,i really hope hope you guys find trigger! hope work takes your mind off of some of the stress you guys have going on. prayers from people who you dont know!!!!

Mary T said...

Cassi~ has anyone checked to see if Trigger went back to your Missouri house? I've heard of that happening a lot of times. Wherever he is, I'll be praying he comes back home wagging his tail behind him. Dale & Dan are going hunting tomorrow, I'll have them keep their eye open for you, they'll be out your way.

Hang in there, it can only get better. Good luck on your first day at work tomorrow.

May you be blessed with Angel Kisses everyday from your precious little Angel Elli.

Love you,

The Rice Family said...

Hope trigger comes home soon. We have a yellow lab also they are such wonderful dogs.

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

I hope you find Trigger soon. I think it is kind of ironic that another one went missing so close to yours. Have you thought about bringing it to the police dept.'s attention (just in case). I really hope that someone was being what they thought was a good samaritan, picking up a "lost" dog. Maybe on top of the flyers, you can put an lost ad in the newspaper. Did you already check the animal shelter? I hope that he makes his way home!!!

Thinking of you always.

Nancy L said...

Cassi and Brian,
I am so sorry about Trigger and hope he shows up. Maybe he just wanted to learn his way around the new home and and will come back soon.
I'm sorry too, that there isn't much we can do or say that will help. Everybody has to work through all their grief stages at their own pace and I am glad CMH sent you the things you left behind. I'm sure Elli's baby smell helped you open up some serious flood gates. Your heart must have been at a bursting point. You and Brian have been so strong and that must be exhausting.
I hope you have a good first day (night) in ICU.
I'll add Trigger to my prayers, although it has been quite a while since I prayed for a pet other than "Please don't let every female cat on the place be pregnant".
I love you all.

JLew14 said...

Hey, B & Cassi-

I certainly hope you find Trigger soon. Perhaps he's just figuring out the neighborhood.

Always thinking about you.

Love you bunches,

melissa said...

I hope you wil find trigger soon! I'm sorry he wen missing I had a dog and moved 3 hrs away and 8 weeks after we moved he went back to our old house luckily we had friends there and they called us. Anyway I am praying that he shows up soon or someone finds him.

Fer said...

Oh no Cassi, I'm so sorry Trigger is lost. I really hope you can find him.

My Three Sons said...


I will pray that you find Trigger. We have a hunting dog that got lost one time when we were pheasant hunting and two days later one of the guys in our camp spotted him. He was fine, just checking out his new territory.

Also, I know this sounds strange but is the other lab a female? We actually had a male dog once and when his "girlfriend" had puppies, that is where Hutch was.

Hope you find your answers soon and good luck with your first day in ICU

LauraT said...

Cassie, I just love the way you write your thoughts. I hope be now you've found Trigger!! And good luck with the new job. Miss you lots. Laura

casau said...

cassi,, any word on trigger?? how did your first day go? lots of prayers for all of you!

Mary T said...

Hi Cassi~just checking in to see how your first official day or night at work went. I hope it was good, I know Jennie Ed has one of the best nurses in ICU now. Have you had any word on Trigger? Or has he come home yet? I wish there was something I could do to help you find him. We had three cockers at the same time, we are down to just one now and she's like a member of our family, she doesn't know she's a dog! We would be lost without her. We'll keep praying that you fine Trigger soon.

I look forward to your updates on the blog. I love the way you write to Missi Elli.

May you be blessed with Angel Kisses everyday from your precious little Angel Elli.

Love you,

proudmom said...

Happy Halloween Angel Elli. I picture you today as a little monster, but a cute one.
Brian and Cassi, may God continue to give you strength and peace.

God Bless all the CDH babies and families.

SalenaZarb said...

Hey beautiful lady!!! I am sooooo glad that you guys found Trigger!!! I think about you all the time!! We need to definately have another "girls night out!!!" Come to Maryville very soon! I hope that your new job is going great and it isn't the same without you around here!!!! I love ya-Salena